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SWA - Mums the Word

SWA has a new way to give us stuff :D So put on your James Bond persona and journey on over to the shop. If you are a member of her update group, you already know the secret code. Just chat it out (no need to whisper) in the courtyard and you instantly receive your goodies.

I am betting that the sign in back of me which NEVER rezzed (boo hiss LL - sigh) tells you something about this week's gift. They are acid washed zippered jeans. They come in two versions and include slouchy leg prims. They would work well with boots too. The full line of colors is in a vendor right inside the door. And don't forget to check the lucky chair.

From the notecard:

If you join the update or IN-world group and look at the notice from the 10th for the secret phrase - there is a sign in the front patio area that you must say the phrase in front of to recieve your gift. I will of course be changing the gift out once a week, so it will pay to be a part of SWA.

Shown with a previous cami from SWA, hair from HOH and sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes. Pose by ANA_MATIONS.

THIS IS NOT NEW - THIS IS NOT NEW- THIS IS NOT NEW- THIS IS NOT NEW- but YOU might be. AND it is still available. See the little black bag right under the jeans poster in the top picture? That contains this scrumptious lingerie set. Yes, there are no doubt thousands of people that have it by now. That doesn't mean YOU should be the only one that doesn't - LOL.

And don't forget to check the lucky chair. It is in the back to the right.


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