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Golden Dreams and Midnight Magic

Talon Faire sent this dress out to ALL of Fashcon (Fashion Consolidated Group) so if you are a member and missed it you will find it in the archives; the designer is Amaranthim Talon. The dress is IN the notecard. You click it to get it to your inventory. It comes with an overskirt that I left off here. The long collar train moves in a slow sensual way :D

The copper and jade cuff from Night Stone Jewelry goes very nicely with this dress. It is free on the wall under a "free" sign -- now that's pretty obvious!

Madame Haute Couture has some cute perfume bottles for your dressing table if you have one. While not exactly fashion, there are wearable "poofer" versions of this in the package.

Callie Cline gave more of her personal presents for Cal Gal frEEbie gEEbie week. I love this blouse! I paired it with a second present, the skirt which is tintable but I left it white for the photo.

And it looks super with the necklace from WRONG'S chocolate hunt. I'm assuming a few of you got that (wink).

Hair by House of Heart, Shoes by Juicy.

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