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Kayliwulf Kingdom’s daring collection of Latex and Fetish wear and Camilla Yosuke’s Insolence’s Lingerie were the featured designs at Extacy in Latex and Lace today produced by Fortunate Productions. The sim is gorgeous and the venue tasteful. And for the most part everything worked very well.

For those of you who haven't attended a fashion show, it can be tricky with lag getting in the way, outfits not rezzing until the models are offstage again, etc. There were few of those problems here and that was a joy.

Here are some of the designs shown. It was a long show and eventually my computer got itself in a twit with all the changing between graphics and client windows. You will get a TASTE of the event anyway and next time you might want to attend.

Kayliwulf Kingdom:

And more from Insolence:

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