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Almost a Day Off

It's heading towards noon and I really am taking a day "off". Well almost. I went to the  feeds and saw this post which peeked my interest. Thoroughly enjoying it, I made a long comment, then decided that it might be something that both hunters and merchants -- as well as some hunt organizers needed to think about.

And in post, she "may" have answered the question of how I got banned from two sims long long ago. Always nice to have answers *wink*. 

So here is my comment on her
Hey there. Taking the day off (oh my) but saw your post and actually read it all. I admit I am unusually a pics and links gal -- only so much time. 

Just wanted to say that I completely agree and if you toss my rainbow house you can do it with absolutely no feeling of guilt. When Chandra told me what she wanted -- well, it was a stretch for neutralesce me. Still, that hunt (no names, not try[ing] to plug) has been the best one that I have been in maybe forever. Since the general caliber of the gifts is higher than the norm these days, I think a different set of folks are hunting. Amazingly, they are also BUYING -- something that most merchants don't associate with hunts these days.

So maybe -- this is a good lesson to lots of folks. Maybe small and "elite" is the way to go not two hundred stops or trudging through a whole hunt to get your prizes.

And now that I've been so eloquent I think I am going to post this on my blog, day off or not and link to your post as I really enjoyed it.


Unknown said…
Thanks for the link back to my place. I have actually never been banned from anywhere, though that's more luck than planning I think. I'd love to hear how you now think you were banned. Did you ever ask for access again?

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