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I am not all that big on the fame deal. Been there and it comes with a downside. Still, I had a great time today making a new area at MOSP which included some "fame" and a trip down memory lane.

Two new releases are highlighted in this post. The extremely cute outfit from AD Creations, the 50s Mesh Swimsuit, which comes in several color combos.  I am going to hope that they are at the main store as I have no additional info. Talk about coquette!  

The second star of the show is a new pose chair from Diesel Works, the Bella chair, for FaMESHed.

I have had plans for a fashion shoot area for a long while and today was the day it all came together. I had a new shop that I had made for my store which went nicely in the full sim city locale. I added many new releases from The Challenge merchants and I did a little work in "Photoshop" ( I actually use Corel) making faux store logos and such. Eventually I plan to make up some magazine covers as decor items. There is no FAME magazine you understand and there is no AEON Advertising (across the street). It is all part of the set, not reality.

The pose prop is lots of fun and the chair switches angles as you change positions. /1a adjustment are included. The outfit includes a swimming cap with four choices of hair colors.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Shoes by Ducknipple.

Poses by: Diesel Works


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