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Bali - reBourne


It's been a very busy day with much accomplished and several "elite" offers. While I am not big on "fame" (see tomorrow's post), I do like that elite adjective. So here's the scoop.

This is a sneak peak on Bali which releases tomorrow from reBourne. Mark your calendar's for 11AM when a 50% off sale will be in effect for 48 hours. Join the reBourne group for more info.

It is a big place, fitting on a 64 x 64 plot, but there is still an intimate nature to the space. Warm colors and baked shadows add romance and most all of us like romance -- even if we don't partake all that often *wink*.

Lots of open spaces are perfect for entertaining. A large pool beckons -- whispering of relaxation.

The skybox can be purchased furnished or unfurnished. You'll want to explore and try out the furniture and the ambiance of course, so put aside a block of time, grab your honey and visit. There's bound to be a crowd so dressing down (swimsuits are fitting) might be a good plan.

And at the end of the day -- there is the view.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Bikini: SLC
Hair: Discord Designs

Poses by: furniture.


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