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Hitting the Target


A new pose prop (PRETENSE POSES AREA 51 SHADOW BOX) is being introduced today, part of the Poser Pavilion, a Liaison Collaborative event. The box was created in a collaborative project between Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza, two well-known and slightly "antique" bloggers. I mean that in the NICEST way of course. Good to see folks sticking around!

Cajsa is the architect of the box; Gidge is the creator of the poses.

The box uses projected lighting to cast shadows on the wall, but even if you can't use shadows, there are still some great poses from funny to fashion included in the mix -- eleven in all.

My outfit is fully chronicled here,  except of course for the new addition of the snake from deviousMind, available at Chandra's gatcha machine at The 24 event.

Here is my little buddy -- up close and personal. There are five colorful patterns to win as well as solid black which will probably come in handy in the future. Today I was feeling "dangerous" :D.

And here is a long shot of the box. Lots and lots of possibilities. These photos were NOT taken with a materials viewer by the way, just plain old vanilla Firestorm.


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