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The 24 Event: Romance


Romance. If you have a couple of X chromosomes, it is pretty much guaranteed that you can never get enough. Well, I can think of a time or two when there was more than needed -- but a time or two hardly counts when we are talking about decades.

As I was taking these shots I couldn't help but think about the old time movies that I used to watch with my great grandmother. Always a handsome and well-dressed lead. Always a beautiful (sometimes coy -- sometimes vixen) heroine. In fact, I was so enamored with the setting and the exceptionally nice animations that I pulled out my movie camera and filmed a bit.

My dress is the Nicola limited release from Gizza Creations. It qualifies as timeless in my book. A full and very flowing long skirt is perfect for dancing.

The bridge fountain from Atelier Visconti comes with some amazing animations. The beautifully flowing water offers an extra touch of realism.  It weighs in at 21 land impact at the default size (shown here).

So get on your shopping shoes -- or feet if you are a barefoot kinda adventurer and head on over to The 24 event.    Here are your SLURLs. Well honestly, they are all the same one. It's a choose your path venue. Click your choice though -- just for fun.

* Womenswear
* Menswear
* Home
* Pose

Larger photos on my Flickr page.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Hair by Vanity Hair
Wonder's suit by Yasum and hair by Dura

Poses by: the fountain


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