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Summer's Sunset

We are nearing summer's end in my corner of the corporeal world. Warm days are still in evidence but you can feel the hint of Fall in the breeze. Autumn is my favorite season so I don't mind too much that the days will be getting shorter.

Sway's is happily open again with three new releases and a gift for visitors.

Newness includes this mesh dock with various version of land impact thriftiness.

And if you have a dock, you need a way to get to and fro -- of course you do. This wooden boardwalk set comes with a big variety of shapes to let you build the path you need. I made a game of it using all the different pieces, then adding a few more. I had to backtrack a bit as logic escaped me at the start. Naturally I should have started at the HOUSE, not the dock which is easily movable.

There is also a tiny beach hut suitable for swimwear changing or just a quiet respite. 

This cute and homey picture gallery is the opening gift.

Add your own photos to customize and make it a memorabilia piece.

My hair is once again Estra, a new release from Amacci.

Clothes are very old and no longer available, but I DID change for ya.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Behavior Body and LAP (nla)


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