The 24 Event: Fashion and Home

It takes awhile to visit each of the 24 shops in 4 areas of The 24 event. Today's post is brought to you by Womensware (pink) and Home (green).

My outfit is Frida from Faster Pussycat; my skin from Modish, both limited release items.  Now I am going to be honest with you -- I was not too sure about this look when I started putting it together. This isn't exactly a style I venture into often. But you know what? It really has grown on me!  I feel sort of brave and timeless.  My Naomi hair from EMO-tions sort of pulls it all together. I also have on EMO-tions boots.

This is the: Cheeky Pea: Francesca Window Nook, also a limited edition item. And if you are good little thoughtful readers I bet you are wondering what about "all" the blogger copies that went out -- how limited edition is that? Well, guess what? Those were very limited also. So your "limited edition status" is really pretty safe.

This brand new original mesh set includes many lovely details. I especially like the curtain which has a tiny little pull tassles that look very, very real. There are two versions in the set, PG and Adult. For those of you that are Photoshop gurus, there are ambient maps that let you add your own textures (with shadows) to the various parts like pillows.

Best of all (well for me anyway) there are a whole lot of NEW animations included. I really didn't have time to try them all out, but the ones I saw looked great.

So hop on over to The 24 and have some fun. There are fashion shows going on daily which have been very well attended so arrive early and turn down your draw distance. Plain dressing of course will be appreciated by your fellow shoppers.

Skin:::Modish:: Yndra {dark brows} from The 24 event.

Poses by: the windowseat