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The Intrepid Hunter

I went out this evening looking for the Enmeshed into Summer hunt. I never found it - LOL. The landmark dropped me in a mall and I didn't find a sign, didn't have a store to look for. But along the way I found an item on the Woodstock Hunt.

Now info on that hunt is also sketchy and I got stuck too many times (no landmarks on the blog).  Some stores seem not to be ready. I do see that noctis is listed so I will at least head over there. If you have a favorite store in the list, you might want to investigate.

Any ---- way.

This first set is from Wasteland, stop one on the hunt. I couldn't find the landmark to the store by any of the tricks I know. (Remember, I got there by accident). Even teleport history wasn't a help and the gifts all had the mesh makers names (sigh). But serendipity stepped in and the hunt organizer apparently just updated the page with the starting location. Thank goodness for refresh. I hope that gets you there. No promises from me.

This extremely pretty dress is from [[Masoom]].

The cute camp trailer in my lead photo is a new release from {what next}. It is filled with fun touches including a television with animated screen. Camping stools let you enjoy the great outdoors leisurely and in style.

Look for the Little Haven Caravan.

This is a top from Barely Legal Couture.
It is part of a set that includes a long skirt and is not on the Woodstock Hunt (you are looking for a "magic mushroom" by the way - psychedelic pink).

Instead it is on the Falling Into Color Hunt (a gold leaf that is RIGHT next to the magic mushroom -- hence my find :D ).

This top is from Psycho78. Sorry, again no landmark or any real info on where I got this (it was a long night). It should be a store in this mall from the skimpy info I have.

My hair is a favorite, Kimberly from EMO-tions.

PS: I found the mushroom at [noctis] but it wasn't for sale. So hopefully I will remember to go back in look next week .

Meanwhile THESE nice items are out. Good hunting.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable


rosamoo said…
I was concerned about the start issue you mentioned for the EnMeshed Hunt and double checked both ours at HuntSL as well as the one on SLHunts. Both landed me at the EnMeshed HQ and not at a mall. You have to find the maple leaf there for an LM to the next location (really the start in my opinion.) So I am not sure where you found the link you used, nut maybe it was just an SL glitch.

Chic Aeon said…
Thanks. I am not sure at this point (morning now) how I actually got started and what link (and from where) sent me astray. Whichever link I followed, I had no idea what store I was looking for and hence my adventure of the eve.

I tried searching via Google and never did find a hunt blog and then went off on another journey. Glad that some folks will get there. It was definitely a confusing night and it seemed like the hunt that I did end up on had a hunt blog that was being updated as I was typing my post :D.

Off to see if there are actual links there this morning. That would have been helpful. It was at least an adventure.
rosamoo said…
Not to be too self serving, but HuntSL always links to the organizer's hunt blog (if they give us the info) so that might be a faster connect than doing a google search.
Chic Aeon said…
I actually did try that. Unfortunately at the TIME there was no info on the blog including the starting point. As I was working on this post the organizer wrote a note saying that "life had been hectic" or something of the sort and "here is the starting point". I do appreciate all you try to do for hunters, sometimes though the trail just "ends" :D.
Chic Aeon said…
Sorry, that wasn't clear -- there was no info on the HUNT blog once I got there :D

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