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Night Moves - Nope that's Movies

I haven't tried to fight the hoards over at FaMESHed, but my inbox suggests it will be a great round. Cheeky Pea has a new movie night set out. Super clever it comes with a screen that automatically picks up your parcel media graphic and plays your media stream. . The other side of the gazebo can easily act as a picnic area or whatever you desire. Little lights turn on an off at your whim.

There are lots of pieces to the set including a couple's wooden recliner (PG or A) and a cuddle blanket (both maturity ratings one more time). But the star of the show  -- in my book anyway -- is the projector which is hooked up by cables to a battery. So funny. There are two hassocks for seating, one with writing and one without. These would work indoors as well as outside.  The cola is from another Cheeky Pea set and not included. I just liked the added touch.

This outdoor planter is part of the set. I am guessing items can be purchased separately too.

Now personally I think this cutie is a bit too fancy for movie night but it is extremely nice and weighs in at an impressive 1 land impact with many tiny MESH leaves.

I am smarter now after nine months of meshing around and I know how this was made. I am still impressed and happily added a pair of these outside my new shop. It looks classier for it for sure.

So stop over at FaMESHed and see all there is to see. Remember to pick up some popcorn on the way home.

Poses by: LAP (nla)


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