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Teenage Memories

The theme for this month's challenge is "Teenage Years" and that is indeed the theme of this post. But before we get there I want to mention some other items of note.

I have had this Talulah belt from EMO-tions for some time now. I loved it from the beginning but no new outfits appeared for a pairing. So yesterday I decided to give it an outfit of its own. I am very comfy in what I am thinking of as my Teenage Years outfit, AND it is quite appropriate really. I so wanted a belt like this back then. My Kimberley hair is also from EMO-tions. Outfit from 1Hundred.

Behind me are two of the three dimensional posters from Sways for The Arcade. There are all sorts of themes in the big gatcha collection and they resize easily;  great additions to many room styles. Now for the reader who tracked me down looking for an landmark to The Arcade, here it is. Remember it ISN'T OPEN YET!!! And it will be close to impossible to get into and very gray when it does. Patience my darlings, the items will still be there when the hoards fade.

Now I haven't opened all the Teenage Years packages yet. Some designers are burning the midnight oil; the event does open at MIDNIGHT tonight in each of the participating store locations. Here is the website where you will be able to see all the creations (soon).  I won't be showing you everything so you will want to check that listing for more info.

One of my favorite pieces so far is this bunkbed set from [hate this]. It comes with one of those kneeling chairs. Both chair and bunks are packed with poses including ones for couples (PG of course) AND there is an extensive menu to change colors and patterns of the fabric and woods.

What's an era of angst without posters to declare your choices?  These handmade ones are also from [hate this].

The woodwork is especially lovely on this set and the land impact very good, so if you have a kid in the house or even want to relive some memories, venture over and have a look.

You can also see this set up in the BRIGHT blue cottage on the ground level at LEA7.

Some handmade magazines are offered from ChiC buildings. Purchase singles, collections of four or the fatpack at a discount.  I should mention that most merchants have their items on discount for the first week, and some for the whole month.

The lava lamp is a textured SAMPLE from Naked Mesh, a full perm mesh store. If you have some building skills you can add your own textures to the base mesh. Four lava textures are included in the pack (this one has more colors than my photo shows) and the lava MOVES inside the glass so it is quite realistic. There are teeny tiny legs and I think the land impact is one. Remember folks there are user licenses that goes along with any full perm builders tools, you can't just pass things around. ALSO, my info card noted that you CAN purchase the textured models if you IM the designer (Charles Hera). The textured items will not be for sale at the store in order to cut down on confusion.

Another part of the set from Naked Mesh are these posters. The textured posters use creative commons graphics so you can feel guilt free hanging OR just add your own photos or posters. Most anyone can slap on a texture *wink*. The tiny push pins can be colored as you like using the select face option in the build menu. And that is my building lesson for the day.

Stay tuned for more great items from The Challenge and get ready to revisit your younger years.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable


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