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Favorite Places Meme

This week's Monday Meme (a little late and many of us may have been panicking) is about sharing our favorite places. Now I had been to all of Berry's spots and it is certainly possible that you have been to all of mine. I did attempt to pick different areas though. No point in repetition.  Up at the top of my list is The Looking Glass. (The Mother Road would have won but apparently seems to be gone. If you know where it might be lurking, please give me a shout.)

Timeless and always photogenic it is a perfect photo spot for many genres from burlesque to Gothic.

Next up is Babbage which is timeless in another way :D. It is about in the same state as when I first visited many years ago. But, if you get your Windlight just right, it is still quite magical. A free to rez zone, it is a great place for showing off Steampunk memorabilia.

Now to be fair, I hadn't visited the Arabian Market in a long while, but it never fails to take me to an exotic place. Almost magical in that regard, its narrow streets speak of other times and places.

Last up is Peaceful Valley at MOSP. This was my home on the Bayou for many months. The Bayou is still around but much smaller, it has changed hands and doesn't feel like home any longer. This, for me is a reminder of those happy days. It is larger and fancier than its predecessor, but the memories still remain. I don't hang out here of course as I do like my privacy. But I visit often.


haha, sorry for the panic. With school started up again and then dragging myself out to all the sims and figuring out how to take a picture since I'm not used to landscape photography, it took me forever to get it done, lol. Anyhow, I love your choices since I actually haven't been to any of these places before. Definitely excited about the Arabian Market. Saved all the slurls, thanks for sharing. <3
MOSP has been on my "got to visit soon" list for way too long! I didn't go for this meme because I plan on spending a LOT of time there and knew I wouldn't get my blog done if I dropped in ;)

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