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Lost in a Fantasy

Hmmmmm. Girl. Snake. Fantasy landscape. Let's see what is up.

New poses with snake no less from Diesel Works for COLLABOR88's birthday round.  Wear the hud; click the CLICK button (well natch) to rez a variety of snakes. Sit on the snake to try it out. Adjust snake with build tools as needed. There are two poses per snake it seems (OK, so I missed that part when trying out). You can change texture on the snake and adjust the pose by clicking on the snake. Don't worry there is a notecard included with all this info *wink*. It's really not that hard. Lots of fun poses to choose from.

Dressed up in fantasy wings courtesy of Deviance for the Taste the Rainbow Hunt (Tall glass of multicolored liquids). The wings are quite lovely and come in static as well as three styles of movement. And oh no! I forgot the pixie dust in my photos. Very pretty!

There is big news from Vanity Hair. New hairs will run via a hud (cutting down on inventory clutter - yeah!)  This new style is called Nana. What I particularly want you to take note of is the hair hud. Not only can you choose the colors in the pack easily from a picture (SO much nicer than trying to figure out what color is what name) you can also tint the hair to any color you want via the hud. You can also save colors.  Very snazzy.

Body suit and shoes by Ducknipple.

Photos taken at MOSP (LEA7)

Poses by: Diesel Works


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