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Looking for Adventure

If you pay attention -- and I know you do -- you are aware that {what next} has had some great bike releases over the last few months. Everywhere I go I run into them. A hit for sure.

Now, even if you don't own a sim or need to supply transportation for your visitors, you can have your own wearable and ridable bike. With three styles (both guy and gal versions) and many colors to choose from, there is bound to be a perfect match for your personality and style. Each ridable bike comes with a display model to artfully place outside your abode or shop. You can also purchase just the display versions if you aren't the athletic type.

A classy "at rest" animation kicks in when you aren't riding so these make nice photo props also. Each bike has a resizer script if needed and they are copy - modify. Special prices to the {what next} VIP group members until Monday night. Demos available at the mainstore.

Use the same buttons on your keyboard as you would if you were walking, running, turning left, turning right, crouching, crouch-walking, jumping or flying. The bicycle will respond to these actions with its own set of animations. Even the act of falling has its own animation!

My jacket and shirt combo (yep, it's just me in my sort of geeky guy that I am growing quite fond of) is a new release from Ducknipple. Both jacket and shirt are color change by hud so there are a myriad of combos to be had in the Codine Jacket with hud.

My second photo shows the Waterside outdoor area with waterwheel, a Homestuff hunt prize from Two Moon Gardens. It is quite lovely and includes plants, hilly ground and trees. A bench and sound effects are part of the package. Not easy to find, it is worth sticking with the looking.

Poses by: the bike and Diesel Works (from the July gift set in the store - still out as I type this - straight ahead from the landing point. Poses for the girls and a couple's set in the box.)


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