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Playing With Colors

Colors, colors everywhere. With all this black lace you might guess that my only slightly naughty attire hales from Blacklace. Find the rainbow glass and claim this prize on the Taste The Rainbow Hunt.

StoraxTree has a big (really big) selection of drapes just out. Most are in pastels but I happily found a color combo perfect for the billiards room. The pool table is also from StoraxTree.

This is a lovely lingerie set and while there was some cheating going on (Chandra said ALL colors of the rainbow) I am very pleased with the pink to blue selection. There are tons of layers and appliers. There are also some extra bows which I see I forgot in my late night dressing. So don't overlook any parts!  Very pretty.

Oh, the stockings have a version that come all in one on the tattoo layer. Loved that.

Shoes: Ducknipple
Hair: nla
Poses by: aDORKable


Chandra said…
LOL! The other half is hidden behind a tree??! :D

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