Cafe 51

Still in my Ducknipple cherry wrap from yesterday I present Cafe 51. Not yet completed but tons of fun to make, a New Mexico diner filled with paintings and UFO memorabilia. Plus a super cool retro jukebox. Here's the scoop.

The Standby Inc. retro jukebox hales from -- well you guessed it, the TLC Area 51 themed event. Several styles to choose from it is no copy item (something I actually missed with the vendor photos but will live with keeping fingers crossed) and amazingly detailed. Truly beautiful mesh. It has a built in list of stations and I believe a list of alternatives (I did save those). Happily, it also let's you choose "none" from the menu as having music playing when trying to film at MOSP would not be a good thing *wink*. I am very thrilled.

Standby Inc. is the same shop that brought us that $44,000 RL gaming console at a very reasonable SL price. Oh the thrills. I zipped over to the shop and found a few other very nice items. I am definitely looking forward to future releases.

Also in this pic, some of the Area 51 accessories from Second Spaces. There are various sets to purchase, some with furniture. I love the bulletin board, books and comics.  The cafe is filled with Trompe Loeil Retro Cafe stools and tables. They are so easy on the land impact I had no guilt whatsoever.

So stop by the cafe when you have a chance. I'll be adding things over time of course. There isn't quite enough "clutter" for my realism level to feel at ease.

See yesterday's post for styling.

Poses by: aDORKable