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Good Shopping

Now I haven't had time to look at the feeds today but I am guessing that this Fifty Linden Friday dress from Miel is all the news. It is indeed a great week for FLF, so if you are in need of newness, get out your sneakers and make your way through the stores. I did in the very early hours and it was crowded even then.

I am busy modeling (yes really -- my, my) so a friend let me take her photo. The dress fits her perfectly (demos are of course in evidence). The back has a really low dip with cute ties. And best of all ---- TWELVE colors via hud.

The HUD reference gives me a segue to this DaD DESIGN "Rosa Rosae pouff", a limited edition at The 24 event.

It comes with poses for both singles and couples and has a hud that let's you change colors on poofs individually should you have several out.

There is a big variety of color choices including lots of bright hues. You can see them all in the shop at the event.

I of course picked the neutral color as it coordinated so nicely with the decor.  The hud is a little tricky so read those instructions.

Go shop!


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