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Welcome Wagon

Now they didn't really have Welcome Wagon in the birth decade of this Atherwood Home from Barnesworth Anubis @ COLLABOR88, but I am sure it made its way through the decades and eventually had some ladies knocking at the door. Did you know that there are rumors (well maybe more than rumors) that the US government used the reports from the nice little welcome ladies (my mother in law was one of them) to keep track of folks? That was long, long ago. Things haven't changed.

On a happier note, there are lots of new hunts (good ones, yeah) on the grid at the moment. I went on the Atooly Colors of Summer hunt this morning. It is a short one with photos on the blog of some prizes as well as SLURLs. All good. While I didn't get every prize, I found some nice things. My friend went along and she is happily wearing new duds from Adoness #17.

My outfit hales from two stops, the top from [QE] and the skirt from {ZINAS}.

The new home is open and airy with plenty of glass that happily we don't need to wash in our virtual world.

There are SLIDING doors that swoosh gently and dark toned wood trim. Accent doors are orange as is the front.

This is a large house and could certainly be a home for anyone with lots of possessions -- especially those that like to entertain.

There is an atrium in the middle of the home that leads to other rooms. This is definitely a house for those in San Diego and similar climates.

I was thinking of other uses for this building -- besides the obvious home designation.

It would be a very nice office space with each worker having their own space but being able to see what's going on in the building -- and greet customers when needed.

It would be a great building for those that want to share a dwelling. Each room feels like personal space without the cramped space vibe.

There is a fireplace in the largest room in the back of the house and doors to a roomy exterior patio.

The chair, step table and flowers in rusty pot are newish releases from StoraxTree.  You can find the chair and the three step shelf at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The teapot with flowers is at the Outlet Sales Room Event.

My Hair: EMO-tions Ellen
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable


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