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Op Ed Time

Bookcase from Cheeky Pea  - chairs and table from Trompe Loeil and rug from StoraxTree - new.

If you are a blogger that belongs to many blogger corrals it is likely you have been receiving some rather pointed group messages from designers. I hear this from other bloggers so I know it isn't a personal thing *wink*.

Furniture designers don't seem to be effected. Most of them I know are beyond busy (maybe too much so to worry about blogage)  and have in some cases hand-picked their groups. But the fashion end of the spectrum seems upset -- not everyone mind you, but enough so that bloggers are beginning to notice.

Group notices are sometimes whiny, sometimes questioning, sometimes coercive and sometimes threatening. It isn't a good situation from either side's point of view.

If you are a blogger and joined a designer's group, you of course need to BLOG THEIR STUFF -- (well duh!). Not everything of course. We only have so much time and energy. Not everything fits or looks good on us etc. But if you never feature items from a designer, then it is time to step aside and let someone else take your spot.

If you are a designer you need to send out things to blog. One outfit every month or two doesn't really cut it. Yes, it is summer time. But if you don't send out items often and then write notes to your group saying why aren't they blogging? -- well, you get the point. Bloggers have only so many groups. They are most likely to stick with the ones that send things they can feature.

This message isn't aimed at any particular designer or any particular fashion segment. It's just a reminder to think about your part of the continuum. We EACH need to do our job.

Later note after tubbing where I think a lot:  

If as a designer you feel some of your crew isn't paying attention or doing the work they signed up for, then perhaps sending individual notecards would be a better plan. Honestly, these group messages leave a bad taste in the mouths of bloggers that are working hard for you.  Just sayin'. 

Lately you may note that I am featuring more furniture and houses. That is in part because I GET more furniture than clothes these days. This works for me and I am a happy gal because I have a place to show off all that furniture now. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like some of the designers that have been on hiatus to return.

Poses by: the chair


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