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Come As You Are

It is a can't get anywhere from here morn with restarts slower than the norm, possibly because of the new baking system code. Logging into Smith, I tried all my favorite landmarks without movement. So I looked on the map to see what was online and found the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives. Now I "must" have visited this place in my youth, must-n't-I?

I decide to challenge myself to a post "as I was". The windlight was dark and sharp (my alt had been over on the Realms and this is good crystal hunting light *wink*). There wasn't much that was photogenic around and derendering once again saved the day.

My outfit is a very pretty one from {MV} on a hunt. Now I think it was the Atooly Hunt, but since I have taken part in three in the last couple of days, I'm not making a promise on that. I have a similar dress as another {MV} gift, but I prefer this color.

Amacci has some new hairs out. I actually wrote about the more casual style first, but as scheduling goes you will see that post later in the day.

This Estra updo comes with OPTIONAL color change flowers.

While I thought it was very pretty on opening, I had no idea what I would wear it with -- then, what do you know? A perfect pairing arrived.

There are many lovely orchid colors to choose from -- and who doesn't love orchids!

While I was at the tower and sandbox, I took a quick scan at the learning facility. I remember my struggle to understand building methods in my first months here. I am glad the schools will be getting tier reductions again (although it seems that some were all along in a "quiet" way :D). Hopefully some new schools will pop up for the folks wanting to learn to build.

And you know WHAT?  This is really hard to believe -- and I am marking this as a newly discovered secret in case Berry ever asks that, but until about a week ago I was not using the red, green and blue grab bars to stretch. Only the white ones were viable in my building world. I know; it seems quite insane.

I was so structured into my learned skill-set of plopping those numbers into the boxes, I just DIDN'T. Now I am building with prims so much faster. So we learn as we go along, one day at a time.

Which makes a nice segue into a recent film I made which actually won the Centenary award at UWA. It is about learning over time, structure, changing paths. Find it here if you are a film buff. And for the person that sent me those crayons *wink*, here is another big "Thank you!".   Drawing Outside the Lines --

Shoes by Ducknipple
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable


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