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Lokii by Moonlight

There is a new set of separates out from Senzafine. Amazingly you can find them at The Thrift Shop.

Lokii tops and capris come in an extensive variety of colors. I am a particularly happy gal as they fit perfectly and except for a few poses, I don't even need alpha layers -- always a plus in my book.

The texturing is lovely with lots of fine details.

You could of course wear the pants with another plain top or even a tuck in sweater.

And the top could fit into many stylings.

A long skirt?

High waisted pants?

Leggings or cat suit bottoms?

So many opportunities. So many colors.

Earrings in collaboration with  with Sohma Dix of Paper Moon are available in the gatcha machine.

My personal plan would be to try for the earrings first and then go pick out your favorite tops and capris.

Yes such a practical gal and liking ALL the colors (I even wore the light gray demo around for quite awhile), I am easy to please.

Shoes: Baiastice Maxine Wedges
Hair: Finya from EMO-tions
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Vista Animations and aDORKable

And here is an addendum. I was getting ready to make this into an outfit for future wearing when I remembered that Mayfly had deep purple eyes out for 60L weekend.

Available through Monday, they make a very fitting addition to both this outfit and my Mayfly Eye collection :D. Two other colors are on sale and of course tons on the wall.


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