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New fashion releases from Ducknipple incude these leather pants and cropped tank. Kneepads change color by hud and the top has a huge variety of hues. Look for the Loes Tanktop and the Padded Pants.

My friend Sami has returned after a long SL absence. It is great to have her back. She has had a hard time getting her "look" back as she left during the new days of mesh. I have had other friends tell me how difficult finding mesh clothes can be for them. I feel very lucky that most things fit me naturally or with a tiny bit of tweaking. After two days of shopping she finally came away with an outfit mixed of new and older. The big find she made that I want to tell you about are her new jeans. While she was very willing to pay, nothing was fitting -- until she found these gift jeans on the Marketplace. So that's my tip of the day.

On the horizon we have The Arcade opening soon. {what next} has the cutest golf carts. You play for a hud that let's you rez the carts. There are three places to sit WITH adjustments (woot). While I am NOT a good driver, I seem to be able to handle this little guy very well -- at least up on my building pad. You may still need to watch out for me on the streets. There are tons of options in the menu including the ability to set this to group so your friends and alts can use the car once rezzed. With lots of fun colors (there is one that I just have to show you soon -- need corresponding clothes), this is one of the rare ones, camo.

I plan to leave a couple rezzed for props at MOSP.  You can visit this one up in the full sim city here. While cars can now be "primmy" and still drive (it is apparently the physics LI that is important), this darling weighs in at only 24. Even if you don't drive often, this makes a great prop.

Hair, Kimberly by EMO-tions (Sami's old from Truth)
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Diesel Works, LAP (nla) and the car


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