More on 51

I made a couple more trips over to the The Liaison Collaborative this afternoon. It was a little gray with orange gaseousness, but since I had looked around thoroughly in the way too early hours, I knew where I was headed. Area 51 is the theme and fittingly the government made an announcement today about the "secret" area. Timely for sure.

It really is a bountiful exhibit this round. Here are a few more (not nearly all) of some of my favorites. I worked on a fun project today between boring chores and I will show you the finished product sometime soon.

First up a really nice, not so little, travel trailer from Cheeky Pea. It seems like about a 20 footer -- in feel if not in actuality. We know that measurements don't translate well between our worlds.

The Roswell Caravan comes in raspberry, lemon and turquoise -- both adult and PG versions. It is packed full of details and with that comes some "prims". Fully furnished it weighs in at 150. You can however opt for fewer extras and lower land impact. Better plan on at least a 1024 lot for this though; you will want some trees and grass and chairs out front.

The doors all open if you want to stash things inside. Me? I like my clutter out in the open!

This trailer joined the Little Haven Caravan from {What Next} in the park at MOSP. I moved a few things around and it very much looks like a family reunion. Much fun.

A very spiffy retro set is out from {What Next} for TLC. Definitely 50s but simple enough to meld with more modern styles, the clock keeps time and let's you set it to your RL time zone if you prefer. My favorite piece is the magazine rack where you can choose magazine covers based on your interests. There are some paintings in the set. Minimalist me, I opted for a guitar and just the clock.

There are plenty of decor pieces at the themed event. I was particularly attracted (OK, I was attracted to lots, I admit it) to these pretty sketches from DIGS.  These come as a set, no unlinking of paintings that I could figure out :D and weigh in at 5 LI.

The drawings are just lovely and look like they were made with a wide calligraphy marker.

The bistro set is a not too distant release from Trompe Loeil -- not a part of this venue.