Black and White Take Two

More from the Black and White theme at The Challenge --

A mess of a chair and illuminated thoughts from KURO. So fun!

The Blossom Vase and Sand Filled Table (with rocks :D) are an amazing 1 LI each; find them at Dysfunctional Designs.

This is one of two very lovely abstract portraits from Whiskey Monday.

Inspired by black and white (I'm just guessing), there are lots and lots of releases from 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. Couch, bed, sitting stool and lots of magazines and books (my favorite) are part of the list.

The skybox hales from [hate this].  20 x 27 and 24 land impact it seems like a great shop to me. There are panels along the wall perfect for vendor posters and built in shelves to show off smaller items!  Ambient maps are included so you can customize as you like.

Outfit from Ducknipple

Poses by the furniture