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At Home

Seldom home these days, I logged in to a spot other than "last place" as it was a messy day out there Sunday. The light was just right -- well almost, so I thought I would take a few shots of some new Ducknipple releases and my abode. I like to keep a record of where I have lived and haven't updated that page in for-e-ver.

Newness includes some bad girl designs, all with huds and many colors.

I saw a post the other night mentioning that we don't really "style" as much as we used to in system layer clothes days. I needed a top to go with the new release skirt and so I timidly opened my "sleeveless" folder and took a peak.

In the process I ended up deleting some very old things and eventually got through two sub-folders of tops (good girl Chic) before quitting for the day. I have a few basics left, but not that much. Most things were from a time when textures were 512 max and unfortunately really show their age. I noted that many of the designers were either retired or no longer around -- that isn't too surprising as the years have passed.

I do think there is a place for well textured, high resolution system clothes -- especially tops. Maybe someone will notice and fill in the hole that seems to be opening with gaping jaws.

*Ducknipple Mesh: Droll Skirt  (new)
*Ducknipple Mesh: Opelia Gloves (new)
*Ducknipple Mesh: Spiked Heels (new)

All with color change huds.
Tops no long available.

Hair by Discord Design
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Amacci, Diesel Works and aDORKable


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