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Silver Siren

It all started with the hair. Well of course it did! 

You may have heard about The 24 event opening on the 23rd. I don't know much; it seems to be kind of a secret. I do know at least three designers that will be participating and likely many more. It is bound to be the place to be.  Preview copies are limited as well as the items themselves so those of you that like exclusive will be doing happy dances.

Along with the only sold 100 times items there will be gatcha machines. This astounding hair can be yours for one pull from Discord Designs. There are plenty of color combos -- both calm and wild -- and the hair is outstanding. So mark your calendars. It will no doubt be a keep clicking to get in process  -- at the beginning anyway.

This is a multi-purpose post. One reason I was so thrilled to get the DD hairs is that I am starting a sci-fi film. It will be a long process as I am very busy on many fronts, but getting your costuming together is an important (and one of the more fun parts) of preproduction.

These are my boots for the outfit. A favorite from Ducknipple, I am not sure I have ever worn the white (pale gray) version. And this shot in a larger version is one of my two photos in the Shoetopia blogger contest (the prize being blogger status *wink*). It will be fun to see the photos. And if I am a good girl I will today retake one of my favorite "shoe shots" from long ago and have my two entries crossed off my to-do list.

A big thanks to Chandra who sent me over her Pure Syn dress in pearl AGAIN. Rummaging through my very messy and needs purging virtual closet yesterday, I found that this color was missing. Now I KNOW I didn't throw it away as it is very new and I like it very much.  So one more notch from the "unscheduled database" fairy (sigh). I think this probably happens to a lot of folks, they just don't keep track of their inventory all that well.

Now I really love this look, but probably not for a shopping outfit. So I am going to bundle it up in my outfits folder for use later and go forth into the day.

Hair: Discord Designs - Codie (Chromium)
Outift: deviousMind Pure Syn dress- perola gloves
Boots: Ducknipple DN Mesh: Greet (color change)
Skin: Amacci Skin - Liane (Metallic)

Poses by: aDORKable, Behavior Body


Chandra said…
I so can't wait for this silly gacha now. I LOVE those pictures (and pretty much all others i have seen of this hair so far) - what an awesome idea :D

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