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Underwater Fantasy

I took some time off today and made it over to the Fantasy Gatcha Fair event. It was a little gray on arrival but I went out and made some coffee and all was well on my return. The venue is decorated nicely and there are some fun role play items to be had. Most machines have "rares" and "ultra-rares" so for those of you that like to gamble and enjoy the victory of winning the hard to get, this is a spot for you.

This outfit (tail and pasties are in separate vendors) is from deviousMind. It IS impressive. Now I knew Chandra was working on this and there was that Lolas - regular thing to consider. Being a scripting guru (well, WAY more than "I") she solved the issue but giving a menu where you have a choice.

I was personally wondering if the starfish pasties would fit on us flat gals. And amazingly they do. I opted for a skin with cleavage, but trust me -- I am no more well endowed than normally *wink*. It's all in the shading

I don't run around in mer gear often, but I can see these pasties working in other stylings -- like with a bikini bottom. Cute! 

So zip on over and try your luck. There are a huge amount of very pretty colors to be had.

Photos taken here.

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * AMANDINE*/snow
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Nat MK1 Cleavage

Poses by: chanimations and aDORKable


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