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Black Beauty

I went out pretzel hunting this eve. Unfortunately I have only one item to show you. But in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, this is an extremely nicely made LBD -- clubbing style. The details are lovely and for me there is a bonus. Black band aids for nipples. They are called plasters in Europe it seems, but whatever the name, they are something I definitely needed. These aren't the regular "X" shaped ones, but something more unique and I like that. Not shown, they are still included in the pack as well as a corset with no bra cups for you REALLY racy ladies.

click for larger photo

Find the basket of pretzels and win the NADAS DOMENICA BLACK LEATHER DRESS. Nadas is the largest store in the complex.

My collar and earrings are from the Silk & Satyr freebie gift at the jewelry fair. Main store LM is here. Hair from Exile, boots from BAX.

Poses from Torridwear and LAP.


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