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Brooklyn from the RC RAMONA COLLECTIONS mixes leather, lace and luscious grays to make something quite extraordinary. The extra tall belt and bold buckle top a gored leather skirt finished with black feathers. The draped neck of the blouse is both sophisticated and feminine. Amazingly it is the contrasts that make this outfit work for me. I especially love how the soft grays of the blouse form a collage of tones and shades.

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Since, for me, this outfit was all about contrasts, I decided to photograph it in an unexpected locale. Juxtaposition is a favorite of mine, something I don't get a chance to do often. So I took my uptown, trendy outfit to an empty palacio. The stillness and sense of history was a calm respite in our busy world.

This signature outfit is only one type of style you will find at RC RAMONA COLLECTIONS . There are period pieces, gowns, clubbing outfit and casual wear. Check out the cute minis with cropped jackets if you stop by.

Shoes by Juicy. Poses by Striking Poses and LAP.


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