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A New Path

A philosopher once told me that I am one of the fastest processor types in existence. I'm not exactly sure what that meant, but I do make decisions in seconds of clarity and turn directions without looking back.

I still need a bit of pondering time, but I think I have a new plan. Photography has always been my first love. Somewhere amidst the joy of taking pictures, I got caught up in climbing the blogging ladder. That's not a bad thing, but along with that comes politics. Imagined debts pile up; you discover more than you want to know. I still love fashion and creativity of all kinds, but I learned yesterday that a sense of place is what I care about most in my virtual world.

So, I'll be packing up a ruck sack and heading off for some adventures. When I find a place that speaks to me, I'll do a shoot. It will of course include fashion, and I will add fashion notes, but I hope the posts will no longer be "ads". I also hope to lose that energy along the way. I'll let the feeling of the place determine the outfit and not my "to be blogged" folder.

So check back now and again or watch for some of my postcards on the feeds. Until then, take care.

PS: I have one promise to fulfill still from that old path, but I'll try and sneak it in so you won't notice :D


Sinjin said…
I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Anonymous said…
I know how you feel :-) I used to write for a prominent SL publication and was promised freedom and independence when I began. After just 6 months it became apparent all I was doing was writing 'advertorial' for the publisher to that person's gain (not mine!). Persue your passion and with time..I'm sure you'll return recharged. Love your work :-)

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