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Twisted Freaky Demons

September brings a new round of hunts, some on the darker side. I haven't actually started hunting; I simply made one stop and got a taste of what may be in store :D.

click for larger photos

Prim and Pixel Paradise is in four hunts this month. The outfit above spans three of the four. So if you want this complete set you need to find 1. a bloody hand print, 2. a twisted hunt cube (in this case purple and rotating) and 3. a brightly colored pumpkin. Since it is well documented that I am far from a great hunter, it is pretty obvious these are not all that difficult to find. Yeah! They are all in the main store and all in plain sight. So wander a bit and you'll find them. While you are searching be sure and watch for the free items scattered around. There are also plenty of outfits and shoes to purchase. I saw a few that were extremely temping *wink*.

There are two sets of boots that come with this outfit. I'm showing you the more unisex version. I particularly like the boots, the hair and the eyes. The staff is pretty spectacular too! That whip may come in handy. Ya never know. Two sizes are included.

So venture on over to Prim and Pixel Paradise. It's a good starting place for three of the current hunts. Actually you'll find the syringe for the Addicted Hunt there too, or at least I did. Also easy to spot. We like easy.


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