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Shuz! Gals and Guys

Just a quickie post to let you know there is a lucky board watch going on for these boots. They come in two colors, red-bean and black with two top heights. The shoe part is click resize and the tops are manual mod. Wonder got them to fit his big bod, but did mention that the tops were tricky. So be sure and have copies if you are going to be enlarging those tops.

I like the black ones best myself. Lots of folks a watching and as they are mostly Japanese, the common Western letters go unclaimed. So that works :D. I didn't get my own pair, but I TPed four friends in and by now they know the drill. Posing is mandatory *wink*. So zip on over to Amaama and watch for your letter to come up. I suggest staying outside and camming in as it is very crowded.


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