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Whew! Note to self: logging into SL between episodes of HULU is dangerous to the eve. Laughing loudly here and no complaints. I feel happy to feel so popular.

MEANWHILE, I feel pretty foolish when a conversation with Sebastean Steamweaver, maker of the great skybox simulator that I blogged earlier today let me know that what I showed as a clock was actually the BOX the clock was in. Paint face bright red and give me a lesson in Steampunk, please!

So opening the box that I believed was the prize reveals -- of course -- a better prize. This lovely 35 prim mantel clock. I SO need more prims. It is gorgeous and keeps SL time. So, if you journeyed over and picked up the prize, be sure and OPEN the prize. I have more details on the skyboxes also but I'll update those on the original post.

There's some other good news and possibilities in the works too, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. So much for logging in to work on inventory.

Ah well.

Cheers all.


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