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Grungy Doll

New releases from Rha! Designs include this polka dot grunge dress. It comes in a variety of colors including the white shown above. All layers are included so you can use the top and undies layers as a long tuck-in tank; something I do often. A smudge here, some dirt there -- it was a perfect outfit to try out my new Rotten Doll - kisses skin from WEiRD DESiGNS. If you are lazy, you can get a similar version off the wall, but for the kisses version you'll need to hunt a bit. Just find the hypo and you are set. I added my legend tattoo (hope you got that when I featured it) and some tintable metalic tights (NLA). My :: Short Stack :: Latte boots are from * Pretties by JB * reopening soon as - àla Mood -.

I don't change skins often; I usually stick with one skin or at least one line. Currently that is Hope by Tuli. Still, specialty skins are fun for a new look and this one sucked me in somehow. The sad, smudged eyes and the kisses on the cheek tell a story -- even when we aren't looking for one.

click for larger photos

If you are after a little more drama in your grunginess, the red version of the dress fits the bill. The back straps realistically tug up a bit which is a nice touch. The fabric even though dirty is obviously soft and supple -- think old satin.

And here's a hint; the yellow version is in the midnight mania board with a low number. I clicked today so if I am lucky it will be arriving soon :D.

The cute earrings from Magpie are actually cogs. Great for steampunk outfits as well as mainstream, they come in a variety of colors. You can find Magpie at the jewelry fair (Autumn, #4) as well as the main store in Osa Menor.

Poses by Pffiou and LAP.


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