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It's a good thing that LL has no inventory ceiling as I know some of my sister bloggers boast well over 40,000 items in their closets. This number and higher from those that never delve into content creation; wow! I did a major clean up of my inventory awhile ago. It took a month and well over 20 hours of actually time. Reducing my inventory from 18,000 to 12,000 and putting everything in appropriate categories saves so much time now, it was well worth it.

But aside from the ease of use, the emptiness made way for more lovely items. The first rule of feng shui (wikipedia link here) is to eliminate clutter. I created a multimedia piece on this some years ago and while I have forgotten the poem that went along with the visual, the theme was about making way for the new. If our houses and minds are so filled with things we no longer need, there is no room for new experiences and new beauty. Whether you consider that from the mundane or metaphysical sense, doesn't really matter. To me at least, it is truth.

I know that we all hate to hit that delete button -- especially on an old favorite. But if we are realistic and pragmatic we know that many of the items in our inventories will never be used again. They were wonderful a year or two (or three) ago, but designers have progressed both in skill and in the tools they can use.

There are exceptions to every rule of course. A friend of mine has one of the signature outfits from Last Call. It was SO ahead of its time, it is still perfection.

We may have loved the old prim shoes, thick belts and slightly blurry clothing when it was new, but there is a season to everything. So be brave and take a look in your closet. Think about making way for the new; it's simply part of the process.

Just some morning thoughts :D


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