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Gray Day 18th

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is "Wear Gray for a Day" if you choose to participate.

From the notecard:

On 9-18-2009 there is an effort to improve Brain Cancer awareness and as my RL cousin has brain cancer and has been fighting it for over 10 years and is now losing his battle, this is something very near and dear to my heart so I am setting out a plain gray tee shirt in the hopes that you all can also help me by wearing gray on September 18, 2009 and raise awareness for brain cancer.

The website is here. You can pick up a plain gray tee at the Dreams store.

This is my plain but stylish outfit for the day. Yes, you can be both.

Sweater [Miseria], Jeans KOSH, Bootlets A-Bomb. GREAT silver hair by Tiny Bird. Skin by Tuli as always.

Tank no longer available. Pose by Luth.

Gray futurehome prefab by The Gentlemen Bastards.


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