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What I'm Seeing

First off, thanks to all the people who added there comments to my Creativity post. Extra thanks to the folks that sent me personal IMs of support. I appreciate that.

I'm not exactly sure what my future will bring. I doubt I will give up blogging. But, honestly, 1000 plus posts is a lot. I have treated most of my posts as jobs, trying to help the designers by featuring their work. It was both a learning experience and an enjoyable exercise. I've met some wonderful people along the way, helped make a few superstars, lent a helping hand to some new kids on the block filled with creativity. I have loved it.

But, maybe it is time to make way for the next generation of bloggers. Once you get near the top of the mountain, the view sometimes changes; and that is what I am feeling.

I'll be here and I'll still be taking lovely photos; at least that is what my senses tell me. But I don't plan on looking at this as an unpaid job. I still applaud creativity and will definitely highlight it when I find it. But I am not going to wake up in the morning wondering "what will I feature today".

It's been a good journey. Now it is time for a slightly different path.

Thanks to all my fans. I hope you can make it though morning coffee (or evening wine) without a new post from Chic. There may be one, but there are no longer any promises :D.

Take care.

PS. My title --which I definitely segued away from -- referred to the slow down of posts on the feeds. I'm not sure what that is about, but it has been going on for awhile. So perhaps, it's not just me feeling this energy.

Sometimes we simply need to rethink our position.


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