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One of the benefits of hunts, for me anyway, is finding new stores. It is so fun to explore new places or simply new to me places -- it doesn't really matter. It is also wonderful to get reacquainted. I had been to Sisters a time or two including an opening hunt long ago. As I was looking around their Floyd shop, I spied an old style round lucky chair. It has a "C" on it and so I jumped on hoping that it would be something wonderful. Not long after jumping off, the texture above the chair became clear and I was pretty sure I had something special.

This lovely Sisters Frickle dress comes with click resize skirt and some delicate lace cuffs. Love those cuffs. Still wearing my Ticky Tacky jewelry set from the SOS hunt, I was happy to find it matched. Lucky accidents, we like them.

My photo area is the newest release from The Gentlemen Bastards. The three story Promises Castle is 71 prims and a 20x20 footprint. I particularly like the middle floor curtains and molding. A smallish fireplace comes built in, but you can get a bigger (mod for size) freestanding one as a group gift. This castle is actually an enclosed skybox cube, so the castle name refers to the textures, not the shape. The colors are yummy and the top floor curtains are closed (both inside and out) for privacy.

The 10 prim fireplace is in the group archives until they expire and then the fireplace will be put out for sale. As always, prices at TGB are very reasonable. Both the fireplace and the castle are mod. I took the liberty of shrinking the fireplace a bit and changing the floor of the castle to dark wood.

And, for those of you just joining my audience, those gentlemanly bastards are the maker of my Futurehome studio which you see from time to time in my posts. I is still love it after many, many months -- especially the triangle windows. I am a fickle gal, but I've moved it to three different proprieties; that says a lot.

Hair by Pocket Mirrors. Shoes by Juicy. Poses by LAP.


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