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Summer's End

The days are getting cooler in many of our homelands. And even though we can have any weather any time in our virtual lives, the climate of RL often has us shuffling sundresses to the back of our closets in favor of jackets. Before the days get really chilly, we have a brief opportunity to have both a taste of Summer and that of Autumn. Now's that time. Take a stroll, revisit a favorite spot before bidding it adieu for a season or two and enjoy the last days of Summer.

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My outfit hales from*Fake*, an eclectic blend of styles from two long time designers turning to mainstream products. A little Rockabilly, a little punk, a little girlie -- it's a collection with hopefully something for everyone.

I love the red cords. The gold embroidery touches add a bit of fun and difference. The wales are noticeable even from a distance, and what's the point of texture if you have to cam in to see it? LOL.

The top is from the Meow set which has short cuffed gray pants as a mate. I prefer the contrast of colors in my mix of the eclectic, and it is getting chilly on the water these days. Long pants are good! Many outfits come in a variety of colors so if you love blue or pink, purple or green, there is most likely something for you at *Fake*.

Hair by JUNWAVE. Tricky bangle by Puddles (see my next post).


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