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Steam: The Last Acts

I have to say that the STEAM Hunt has been may favorite in awhile. Some wonderful gifts, intriguing shops and bizarre locales all adds up to a great adventure -- at least in my book. I've finished the hunt but have a few more goodies to show you. I didn't find all the cogs and your favorites may not be mine. With all that said, here are some more of my personal favs. I'm guessing this will be a two part post, or three -- at least :D

The fanciful apparatus behind me is the Steam Sparrow Flying Hansom from Munro Imaginary Motors. According to the notecard:

Built specifically for the grid wide "Steam!" Steampunk hunt, the Munro Imaginary Motors Sparrow is a stab at how proper Victorians might travel the city if the laws of aerodynamics had been just a tad more flexible.

click for large photo

There appears to be room for two passengers up front and a trainer plane is provided to work on your flying skills. Since the hansom is copy, you don't need to worry too much about crashes and the like. It is both lovely AND fun! Thanks to Monro Imaginary Motors for making such a surperb prize. Wow!

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits in the hunt. The Trashy Victorian Doll dress is from WEiRD Designs. The texture dot fabric put this beyond the typical little black dress. The gloves and the nylons are SO fine -- in a jazzy trashed sort of way *wink*. Woot! There are three hunts going on there so look for various goodies when you stop by. My hat is the outstanding To-a-T "Industrial Topper". With intricate details and tiny puffs of smoke, it is simply terrific.

The deep breather on my back is from Never Ever. There is LOTS of animation going on that a still photo can't catch :D. Ah the imagination.

You have until the end of September to hunt!

My shoes are ~Ztique~ Caledonian Primp (not in hunt). Hair from Maitreya. Poses by LAP and Striking Poses.


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