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Light; there is little. Only illuminated windows in distant towers of humanity. I stay in the darkness -- watchful, aware, alert. Welcome to our possible future.

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For shape, skin and freebie info, check the Backstory at the end of this post.

The city is both enemy and friend -- tracking my footsteps, offering its dark recesses as shelter. Only when the city is asleep am I free to roam.

Marked, I wander the metallic alleyways in search of comrades.

Solitary and lonely, shadows are my only friends, yearning my ever present emotion.

Visit Hanger Luquides and its neighbor RedStormCorp.

Style Notes:
Hair: Exile Fastball eclipse
Skin:GeEs Design - Skin - Marlin Drow - 04
Shape: Shape It Up! Lioness
Eyes: Curio Tragic Eyes Ice Blue (No Shine) Medium
Clothing: Phoenix Design BLACK Equestrienne (short term freebie on the wall)
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black
Accessories: Phoenix Design Raveness armbands, earrings, shoulderpads


This is my post for the Skin and Shape Fair :D. I applied as a media person before my change of direction and before I knew there would be over 60 bloggers in the group. So, I am guessing you don't really care about seeing me in Skin A, B, C in all the available tints, tones and shades *wink*. Still, I like to keep my agreements.

INSTEAD, I've decided to show you a specialty (blogger gift) skin from GeEs Design. It is Drow, hence the grayness. The skin has a lovely eye tattoo that adds mystery. I find it quite lovely.

I decided to take a big plunge and aim for a shape that would show off this skin. Mine was OK , but shapes are a part of the fair. After trying about 30, I found the folder from Shape It Up! and the Lioness model was my choice. This woman is both strong and beautiful, capable in a harsh world. Honestly, most all the Shape It Up models were pleasing to me. Does that mean they are BEST? Only for me :D. Shapes and skins are about as personal as we get in our virtual worlds, and what works for one person can easily be scorned by another. That's why we have demos.

Curio sent out a humongous (really) pack of eyes to the fair bloggers and I find these icy blue ones go very well with the cool tones of the skin. The eyes come in three sizes which is SO great. I am wearing medium.

These are my personal picks from our samples.

I took several liberties with this shoot. I am in a cyber world, in a Drow body with Equestrian garb. Forgive me; I had things to report and this post seemed a good vehicle. The shirt, jacket and pants are free until the 29th I believe at Phoenix-Firefall. Find them on the wall with the other black Equestrian items. There is a small yellow FREE sign on the vendor. You can win a great belt or satchel in the lucky chairs to go along with the pieces. There are tons of accessories to purchase on the wall.

The poses used here are from one of two AOs currently in the ANA_Mations main shop lucky chair. This is the version for guys; there is another ballerina version for gals. Girls can obviously use the male version if it fits their mood. There has been a good sized watch there for the last couple of days.


Anonymous said…
oh shame there are no lightsettings here

what a wonderful idea that was -.... I love to see your travels ... wishing you always a good journey

Shania Singh
Anonymous said…
Chic here :D

Yes, so sorry about no Windlight settings. Somehow I forgot to save them. Since it is a dark place, most of the settings look pretty much the same though :D.

Forgive the "life is pain" icon that shows up in some of the comments when I post. Came with this template and I can't seem to get rid of it. Believe me, I tried. Hence not a lot of comments back from me as I hate it.

Ah, I am guessing that if I take off my identity, maybe I will show up at anonymous and that would be good. Giving it a try.

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