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Fun ANA_mations

Remember the stalker tree, newspaper and overzealous fan set? Well you can now win some great items, props and even an AO at the brand new lucky chair at ANA_mations. My friends and I scored pretty big last night and I was the big winner with two "C"s. My favorite prize is this couples inner tube. It has color and texture change, three couples animations and individual adjustments for placement. It turns slowly in the water.

By the way, these are the nicest waves I've seen and my favorite place to play in the water. They are ~~~ REAL WAVES ~~~ by Antreas Alter. I haven't visited the three sims of waves, but according to his profile, you can find them here. It looks lovely on the map. Definitely on my to do list :D.

click for larger photo

This is the friends inner tube. Less romantic but all the features apply. There are also some one person tubes in the chair. It is very relaxing floating in the sunlight patterned water. Even better with a friend or lover.

Xia won this fun stuffed animal and there is at least one other, a blue bunny. I think it has different animations with it. This lounging bear has three poses. The Drama Queen AO is in the chair also. Fun for sure. When I first arrived there were two of us. Later in the eve it was very crowded but luckily there were NO repeat letters in the group. So peacefulness reigned and there was no hurry to jump on first. Now in the early morning hours it is fairly quiet again.

You know the drill. Bring your friends or at least alert them for a call should their letter come up in the 10 minute chair. The place? ANA_mations of course.

Try out some of the great poses, props and animations while you are there.

Our swimwear is the Maholo set from Sn@tch; (old but possibly still available).


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