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Trains in the Snow

If Steam Punk is on your short list of favorites, you might want to hurry over to Grim Bros where you can get this gorgeous lilotschka dress in purple for free. The Midnight Mania board has already paid out once today and when I went back to check people were TPing in to start the cycle all over again. So get your friends together and go slap that board.

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The set comes complete with hat and gloves. My Piper II hair from Maitreya went surprisingly well under the prim pillbox; it is so proper it works perfectly. I added some tall lace up Dilly Dolls boots in black and I was ready to wait patiently for the train.

While you are slapping that Grim dress board, you might want to slap its neighbor and reap these really cute heels. I love the decorations! While they will of course go nicely with Victorianwear, I'm thinking these could move over to mainstream pretty easily *wink*. Beware that these are not the traditional looking MM boards, so let things rez and you will see that you are where you want to be.

If you have never been to Grim Bros, it is simply amazing and lots of fun. So peruse and see what all you can find. There are lots of freebies scattered around. I picked up one item that I hope to show you soon. Cheers.

My skin for this outfit is []::Tuli::[] Hope (ivory) 03.
Poses by Pffiou and LAP.


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