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Let There Be Presents

It's a big day for me and a good one. And of course in that very ODD tradition of Phil's Place, I have presents for you. 1000 posts down, maybe another 1000 to go. Who knows?

The gift pack includes a new set of shiny pewter bangles and some gypsy soul earrings to match. For the photographers and designers among you who may not be too techie, I made a click change photo backdrop that you can modify for size and add your own photos or textures. The CG Facelight that I blogged for my 1000th post (not mine, just passing along) is included as well as the presents I gave away for my 500th post celebration (bangles, halter, magazines).

I'll leave this out for a week or so. Just stop by and pick it up here.


Nissa Nightfire said…
Congratulations, Chic! You're amazing :)
Chic Aeon said…
Hey Nissa. Think of you often. Glad you are still around :D! Yeah!

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