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Grunge Tats!

Just up, two new full body tattoos in all layers at Kanival Tattoos. Jump on the camper stage when your letter comes up and they are free. Yeah!

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note: these photos have been lightened for easier viewing

Numbers, writing and symbols abound in both these sets. The pack includes sock layers which are especially handy for gals. Two sets are available. Grunge Mania (#1) shown above and Hangul with oriental characters.

Wonder is wearing the lighter version of the grunge set. While this looks great on his dark tan skin (Belleza) it would be too much of a contrast for me. So I am glad a "W" came up and he was available for TPing. Then again, it's always nice to see Wonder without a lot of clothes *wink*.

So, venture on down to Kanival Tattoos and watch those stages. If you haven't been there before, they are round platforms on the floor. The letters change both on the platforms and on the floating text above the dancing disks. Check out the recently released items too. Tasteful, arty designs as well as colorful body art are on the walls in the new release area.

Poses by LAP.


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