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Slap it Hard

For those of you that missed the skirts at Phoenix-Firefall, the prize is even better now; you get a choice of tops including one with bare breasts and one very covered.

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Xia won hers the hard way on the lucky chairs, but all you need to do is get your buddies over and slap that board. I was there last night, but it was too late to let you know -- so today is the day. Xia is also wearing the Black Equestrian Belt . Amazingly the medium size is a perfect fit, so even if you are a tiny person, the small should fit you. The belt is manual mod.

The belt is NOT a part of the MM prize. You can win it in the chairs in back or purchase it of course. I think there is also a black purse that Benicia won, but don't quote me on that. The belt is really outstanding as is all of Phoenix-Firefall prim work, so it is certainly worth the cost of either time or money :D.

The MM board is here in the skins area. Walk straight into the shop and the sign is on the back of the wall that faces you. The four lucky chairs are in the back around a pillar.

Good luck!


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