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Crossroads, we reach them most often when we aren't ready. Not knowing which direction is the best, we choose somewhat blindly hoping for the best. And if we choose not to choose, that is also a choice.

Stepping back a bit is what I needed and so I spent some time by the water drinking in memories of times when there were no choices to be made.

My new flower child wreath lifted my mood. With both glow and particles I was surrounded in the flow of the Universe, where Peace and Love was all that mattered. Vicarious Lee's Wildthings is the maker of the Flowerchild Wreath in Teal and Yellow. Thank you.

Click any picture for a larger version.

Style notes:

Skirt and bandeau: *BOOM* Rhapsody -raggedy ann-
Bangles: bluemoon bangle set (group only freebie ) Silent Sparrow

Poses by LAP.


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