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Fashion Week Saturday

Just a reminder that fashion is still in full swing at the tents in Bryant Park. The sim has been full for at least an hour now, so if you don't make it in today, try going EARLY tomorrow. Just park yourself there and wait or wander around the shops. That works too.

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I finally got around to opening the Modavia Fashion Week ladies gift bag. Filled with goodies, you really need to pick one up. There is a gift bag for guys also, at least I found one today. It has a great hoodie set, some golfing type preppy attire and a diamond dogtag necklace. Oddly enough the ladies bag is $1 and the bag for men is $0. Hmmmmm *wink*

The very pretty retroesce dress is from MIAMAI. The fringe beneath the top skirt adds a flapper quality to the otherwise proper dress. Honesty time here. There is a small strap "issue" that may or may not bother you. If it does, a short dressy jacket, bolero or cape works very well with this dress. I found I had at least three good choices in my wardrobe without delving too far into the drawers. I chose the clubbing jacket from Modd G which was a freebie and may still be available.

My personal favorite of the gift pack is the vintage pearl choker from Alexander Fine Jewelry . Simple and elegant it flows around your neck rather than circling it, and has a lovely, delicate clasp. I had to venture over to the sandbox to find out the maker and shop on this. Such modesty.

Another very lovely jewelry set is a gift from The Secret Garden. Perfect for low necklines, it is delicate as well as showy. What if those jewels were actually diamonds? Woot! The set comes in a maximum prim gift box, so unless you live on an estate with tons of extra prims, a trip to a sandbox will be necessary. Yes, there was a sigh in the subtext.

Poses by SnoOk and Tuli.


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